Team - Trainers

Misi Maka


Misi is a passionate trainer as well as a competitive athlete in Crossfit. Throughout his fitness journey, he has learnt the importance of moving with purpose to stay injury free and he'd like to bring that to whom ever he works with.

Originally Misi was a cross fit athlete, then this passion to be a well rounded athlete sparked an interest in helping others also to be the best they can be. Although being incredibly strong, Misi has a great soft nature that allows him to listen and develop a great trusting relationship with his clients.

He has always had an active lifestyle and keeping himself active through Crossfit on the regular basis and competing in Crossfit Competitions keeps him fit and healthy.

Joe Collins


We are lucky to be able to bring on one of the most qualified trainers in NZ. Joe has recently arrived to NZ from England, he has over 8 years’ experience in the S&C industry and injury reduction and rehabilitation.

Joe’s career started in Leicester Tigers Rugby Academy, from there Joe moved to Manchester Metropolitan University. During his time in Manchester Joe worked with elite athletes from over 25 different sports from rowing, to soccer to netball. From there he moved back into professional sport and has worked with Gloucester Rugby both a strength and conditioning coach and athlete performance manager respectively. However what is interesting for us is that most recently Joe worked in one of Ireland’s leading private hospitals specialising in orthopaedic surgery, spinal surgery and sports medicine rehabilitation.

It is this rehab that Joe brings to Studio41 that sets him apart from anyone else in the industry.

Jacob Turrell

IMG_5110 2

Jacob is our rugby playing strength guy. With a degree in physiology and playing 1st rugby for Poneke Jacob is the full package. As strong as Jacob is, he has a quiet nature that allows him to listen and care for clients to allow them a great journey in health and fitness. He trains hard himself so really practices what he preaches.

Scott Gene Watson


Scott is passionate about helping others lead better lives through improving all aspects of their health and fitness and always strives to find the best and most effective methods to help people achieve their goals. Scott is a certified L1 crossfit trainer, level 5 personal trainer through NZIHF and qualified through Reps NZ in strength and conditioning, Olympic weightlifting, and pre/post pregnancy. Currently he keeps himself active by training regularly, competing in crossfit and basketball.

Roisin Owens

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Roisin joins us after being with the small group training crew for a year. She is always well liked and in demand. Roisin is passionate about helping her clients achieve their health and fitness goals in a way that is manageable and sustainable in their daily lives.

As a keen cyclist, Roisin discovered the benefit strength training had not only on her cycling performance but on her wellbeing as a whole, particularly mentally, which really sparked her interest.

As her knowledge and passion grew, she decided to take the leap from the corporate world to become a personal trainer, so she can help other people fulfill their potential and achieve their goals. She has just completed a 6 week cycle tour of South Korea so she definitely lives with an adventurous spirit.

Simon Farina


Simon comes to us from Italy where he has a strong background in strength and conditioning. He was the Assistant strength and conditions coach for rugby club Rovigo Delta in Italy, he looked after all aspects from nutrition, strength and conditioning and rehab. During his time there they won the national championship in 2015 and 2016. He has helped a lot of athletes come back from knee, shoulder and ankle injuries.

Simon brings us a passion for helping people to achieve there own level of high performance, making positive changes, building confidence and ultimately achieving goals.

Melissa Forman


Melissa has joined our team with a great passion for fitness. Her history is teaching through early child hood so her passion for teaching is contagious. By helping people become fit or get back what they have lost allows them to live their best lives which motivates her passion for helping others.

Alana Smith


Alannah has 5 years of personal training experience and has recently moved here to Wellington.

With a Bachelor in Exercise Science: obtained in 2016 from Massey university.

With a Background in competitive gymnastics and Sport aerobics Alannah is passionate about seeing people reach their full potential in their health and fitness journey. Alannah understands that it is often the whole person that is transforming and not just the physical appearance. To be able to make a difference not just in how people look, but how people feel about themselves gives Alannah her passion. She may be small but you can hear here from anywhere with her encouraging and motivating training style.

"one step at a time, one habit at a time can bring about a life change"

Alannah is filling up fast so please dont hesitate to get in contact.

Penny Thompson


Originally from a corporate professional background, Penny changed careers to fulfil her passion to be a personal trainer.

“Realising I could support people on their strength and fitness journey, made it an easy decision for me to switch my career. A little guidance and support can be all that is needed to achieve personal goals and seeing my clients succeed every day is inspiring and an absolute privilege”

An avid learner, Penny is always up-skilling to provide the best advice and techniques to help her clients reach their goals in an efficient and sustainable way.

Penny is also confident in New Zealand Sign Language and is keen to work with Deaf clients.

​Nikola Szentirmay-Ross


You can usually hear Nikola before you can see her - "Enthusiasm" she calls it. This along with her take-no-prisoners attitude and insatiable hunger for knowledge has helped many of her clients reach their health and fitness goals.

Nikola is a fully qualified nutritionist. It is her area of passion; in particular the application to prevent/improve health conditions. This is where she can provide something completely unique: working with you to achieve a peak state of health (not just a smaller waist).

"If my training style had to be described in two words it would be "tough love". My why is seeing people reach their full potential; you can't beat it."

Alex Smith


Alex has more than 5 years of personal training experience and now specialises in injury rehab, strength coaching and sports specific training. Exercise and sport has always been a part of his life - during his younger years he was a member of the U20 New Zealand football team and participated in the world cup qualifying events.

Alex is well-versed in the science behind and practical application of Olympic lifting, powerlifting, sprinting and jumping, conditioning and almost anything else that goes into building a well rounded athlete (novice or elite).

Jeff Willoughby - Owner and Director

IMG_5147 2

Jeff started off his career with a degree from Otago University in Physical Education and Marketing. Then it was onto personal training for 2 yrs in Wellington before heading overseas for 2 yrs in Ireland and 8 years in England. During this time Jeff worked with Les Mills International to become the chosen trainer to roll out a Les Mills Personal training product among clubs from the UK and Ireland. He then created a course that is still used in fitness clubs in the UK today on up skilling staff.

Jeff created Studio41 in 2011 upon his return to NZ.

"I never wanted to do a franchise, I can learn and study and bring that education into a members journey freely. Owning my own facility, we can keep up with what people want and are not hindered by a head office that is focused on business and not health and wellness"

Jeff Started presenting internationally at the Fitpro convention in 2005 and has presented at the NZ fitness convention from 2012 to 2020. His passion for education is passed on to fitness professionals who work at Studio41 making them some of the most education and well thought of trainers in the country.

Jeff was the chosen trainer for the hobbit crew while filming in 2011 to 2013 and trained Taika Waititi personally in 2022 when he was in Wgtn producing Time Bandits.

He has moved on in the fitness industry with his thoughts on exercise - while everyone thinks more is better, Jeff wants to understand your journey and use all the tools in the toolbox he can to help you achieve that. So an incredibly holistic thought process is taken from blood sugar, sleep and gut health. He has learnt a long time ago - train smarter - not harder.

Esme Moresi


Hello Everyone!

My name is Esme and I am the administrative assistant for Studio41. I believe every new adventure begins with a single step, and for me, that step has led me to a role as an administrator within this incredible team.

I'm currently pursuing a double degree in Commerce and Law at Victoria University, but health and fitness has always been a big passion of mine, from playing sports since I was 5 to regularly hitting the gym. Moving my body always has a positive effect.

Do flick me an email with any enquiries! I will always respond the best way I can :)

Looking forward to seeing you all around the gym.