Jonny Creighton


Jonny is originally from Northern Ireland, having spent 3 years in a fitness club learning the art of personal training. He took the step to travel across the world to further his knowledge and skills and has come to Studio41 with a passion to learn and help others achieve their fitness goals. He has been surrounded by fitness his whole life, and having played rugby from a young age, through club and provincial level, now has a passion for training other people.

Jonny is in a believer in longevity training, not only taking into consideration one's strength and movement patterns, but taking an holistic approach; how do you feel mentally?; Do you sleep well?; and through careful consideration of each individual, and his desire to learn and succeed, you will quickly be on the correct path towards where you want to be.

Oli Wiles



Your body is a fundamental part of who you are and how you experience the world. Oli’s passion is helping you feel fit, strong, energised, and in tune with your body.

Oli has taught yoga classes in Wellington for over 20 years, and has trained in and taught the Feldenkrais Method of movement education for over 10 years. He has NZ Certificate in Exercise Level 4 and 5. Oli trains in BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) as a Brown Belt and rock-climbs indoors and outdoors with his two daughters.


New Zealand Institute Of Health And Fitness

Feldenkrais Method

Jeremy Hill


Jeremy has joined the Studio41 team having started as a coach in 2010. He has worked with all ranges of clients from bodybuilding competitors, fitness and fashion models, internationals and commonwealth powerlifters, and everyday people wanting to improve their health. He spent time with the New Zealand Institute of Health and Fitness as a teacher, teaching new trainers the skills they need to help others be fit and healthy. He has now returned to coaching to further his passion of helping others achieve their goals.

Katie Muldrew


Katie's coaching journey started with competing and coaching in crossfit before focusing more on olympic weightlifting. She has competed in olympic weight lifting to challenge herself to being outside her comfort zone. This competitive nature sees her train with great skill and focus, yet she has a great ability to have calm personality that makes a client feel relaxed.

Katie's passion is helping set people up for success by making sure their mindset is in line with their goals.

Porou Wise


Porou has been involved in the recreation and operations sector of the Wellington City Council for the past 10 years with the last 3 Years of that working as fitness consultant and a personal trainer.

From a young age he has been involved in sports and fitness in particular rugby and rowing which required a high level of commitment to be competitive in. Today his motivation has moved away from competitive sports to challenging himself in the gym to maintain a healthy lifestyle. His training in the gym is centred on well structured weight loss programs that give the best results.

Key motivation as a personal trainer is to share my passion and knowledge with others so they can better achieve their health and fitness goals within a realistic timeframe. What attracted me to studio41 was the idea of being put in a position to improve as a personal trainer and to continue to upskill and better my educational development under the Studio41 education opportunities they provide.

​Nikola Szentirmay-Ross

Nikola Szentirmay-Ross

Nikola joins us with great experience from the fitness industry already, with a vibrant enthusiastic attitude she loves helping anyone reach their own fitness goals.

Nikola did competitive gymnastics for 10 years and so understands what it means to truly dedicate herself to her own personal goals. However football was where the passion lay, Nikola then went onto play football at a representative level. Nikola when training at the gym gives the same dedication that all her sports have asked, she is focused, strong and works hard to achieve her personal health and wellbeing goals.

Nikola loves helping clients to achieve a healthier balanced lifestyle and develop their own passion for their own personal health journey.

Alex Smith


Alex comes to us from another gym here in Wellington continue his personal training career. He loves the education and is passionate about learning more to help his clients and so Studio41 is a great fit for Alex. Original training was at the New Zealand Institute of Health and Fitness, however exercise and sport has always been a part of his life. During his younger years he was a member of the U20 New Zealand football team and participated in the world cup qualifying events. His passion has now moved to helping people incorporate health and fitness into their busy schedules while still getting results.

Cara Horisk

Cara Horisk

Cara joins us from Ireland after personal training in big clubs such as LA fitness, small studios in Northern Irleand and has also Personal Trained in different countries around the world and comes to us with great international experience. After qualifications at university level in sport and health, Cara specialised more specifically in a personal training qualification that Cara travelled to the UK and lived to obtain. Her passion is seeing the changes her clients go through, not just physically but emotionally as well, as people gain confidence to live a new hollistic approach to their lifestyle.

Cody Sanders

Cody Sanders

I have been in the fitness industry for over 5 years working mostly as a personal trainer and fitness manager. I have been involved with sport and fitness my whole life and have represented Wellington and New Zealand in Football. I am currently and have been for 2 years an IFBB Men’s physique Body Building athlete. Competing in this sport has taught me the importance of not only dedication and discipline to training, more importantly having self-belief and confidence in myself to reach each and every goal that I set myself.

I take pride in helping my clients reach their goals by tailoring a tough but fun training and nutrition regime. I want to empower you with the tools and knowledge necessary not only to achieve your fitness goals but your overall health and wellbeing. Cody specialises in weight loss, body building and body composition

Mark Peters


Mark is one of our small group training instructors. He has a great ability to take charge of a group of people and help correct technique while on the go. He also gets to know the people he is training and helps to make people feel welcome yet still working them hard.