Tereza Zemanová

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Fit Futures PT Academy

Tereza joins us from Prague in the Czech Republic. She has been studying and working in NZ and is now part of the team here at Studio41. Tereza has a keen interest in competitive sports, including competitive tennis and working as a ski and snowboard instructor in Queenstown. Tereza enjoys working out in the gym herself and pushing herself to constantly push her own boundaries. She has the ability to push her own clients but at the same time listen to their needs as her previous coaching roles have taught her that sometimes working harder isn't always the answer - you have to work smart. Self described as a "tough" trainer, you can expect to be motivated and encouraged to work hard in Tereza's sessions.

Penny Thompson


Originally from a corporate professional background, Penny changed careers to fulfil her passion to be a personal trainer. Her major motivation was to help others make lifestyle changes, through fitness, and exercise, in a positive and long term way.

After obtaining her personal training qualifications, Penny was drawn to Studio41 as she particularly loves working one-on-one with clients and designing programs tailored to their unique personal goals.

An avid learner, Penny is always up-skilling to provide up-to-date techniques and knowledge for her clients. She is also confident in New Zealand Sign Language and can work with deaf or hard of hearing clients.

Cara Horisk

Cara Horisk

Cara joins us from Ireland after personal training in big clubs such as LA fitness, small studios in Northern Irleand and has also Personal Trained in different countries around the world and comes to us with great international experience. After qualifications at university level in sport and health, Cara specialised more specifically in a personal training qualification that Cara travelled to the UK and lived to obtain. Her passion is seeing the changes her clients go through, not just physically but emotionally as well, as people gain confidence to live a new hollistic approach to their lifestyle.

Jonny Creighton


Jonny is originally from Northern Ireland, having spent 3 years in a fitness club learning the art of personal training. He took the step to travel across the world to further his knowledge and skills and has come to Studio41 with a passion to learn and help others achieve their fitness goals. He has been surrounded by fitness his whole life, and having played rugby from a young age, through club and provincial level, now has a passion for training other people.

Jonny is in a believer in longevity training, not only taking into consideration one's strength and movement patterns, but taking an holistic approach; how do you feel mentally?; Do you sleep well?; and through careful consideration of each individual, and his desire to learn and succeed, you will quickly be on the correct path towards where you want to be.

​Nikola Szentirmay-Ross

Nikola Szentirmay-Ross

Nikola joins us with great experience from the fitness industry already, with a vibrant enthusiastic attitude she loves helping anyone reach their own fitness goals.

Nikola did competitive gymnastics for 10 years and so understands what it means to truly dedicate herself to her own personal goals. However football was where the passion lay, Nikola then went onto play football at a representative level. Nikola when training at the gym gives the same dedication that all her sports have asked, she is focused, strong and works hard to achieve her personal health and wellbeing goals.

Nikola loves helping clients to achieve a healthier balanced lifestyle and develop their own passion for their own personal health journey.

Alex Smith


Alex comes to us from another gym here in Wellington continue his personal training career. He loves the education and is passionate about learning more to help his clients and so Studio41 is a great fit for Alex. Original training was at the New Zealand Institute of Health and Fitness, however exercise and sport has always been a part of his life. During his younger years he was a member of the U20 New Zealand football team and participated in the world cup qualifying events. His passion has now moved to helping people incorporate health and fitness into their busy schedules while still getting results.

Haris Butt


Haris has joined the team after spending a few years teaching personal trainers the ins and outs of personal training at the Institute of Health and Fitness, on how to help everyday people reach their health, fitness and wellbeing goals. Before that, Haris spent his time training everyone from commonwealth athletes and powerlifters with high-level performance goals to people who want to feel and move better in their every day.

Haris’ passion for helping others came from his health and fitness journey and the desire to share that with others. Haris understands the importance of looking after your overall wellbeing and using exercise and nutrition not only to reach goals but allow you to feel and move better.

Haris understands that exercise is not always pleasant, so he prioritises catering specifically to each client’s needs and making training an enjoyable experience while making sure his clients see the fruits of their labour in results. He will bring enthusiasm to the sessions and make sure his clients are getting the most out of their time in the gym.