Melissa Forman


Melissa has joined our team with a great passion for fitness. Her history is teaching through early child hood so her passion for teaching is contagious. By helping people become fit or get back what they have lost allows them to live their best lives which motivates her passion for helping others.

Alana Smith


Alannah has 5 years of personal training experience and has recently moved here to Wellington.

With a Bachelor in Exercise Science: obtained in 2016 from Massey university.

With a Background in competitive gymnastics and Sport aerobics Alannah is passionate about seeing people reach their full potential in their health and fitness journey. Alannah understands that it is often the whole person that is transforming and not just the physical appearance. To be able to make a difference not just in how people look, but how people feel about themselves gives Alannah her passion. She may be small but you can hear here from anywhere with her encouraging and motivating training style.

"one step at a time, one habit at a time can bring about a life change"

Alannah is filling up fast so please dont hesitate to get in contact.

Penny Thompson


Originally from a corporate professional background, Penny changed careers to fulfil her passion to be a personal trainer.

“Realising I could support people on their strength and fitness journey, made it an easy decision for me to switch my career. A little guidance and support can be all that is needed to achieve personal goals and seeing my clients succeed every day is inspiring and an absolute privilege”

An avid learner, Penny is always up-skilling to provide the best advice and techniques to help her clients reach their goals in an efficient and sustainable way.

Penny is also confident in New Zealand Sign Language and is keen to work with Deaf clients.

Cara Horisk


Cara joins us from Ireland after personal training in big clubs such as LA fitness, small studios in Northern Irleand and has also Personal Trained in different countries around the world and comes to us with great international experience. After qualifications at university level in sport and health, Cara specialised more specifically in a personal training qualification that Cara travelled to the UK and lived to obtain. Her passion is seeing the changes her clients go through, not just physically but emotionally as well, as people gain confidence to live a new hollistic approach to their lifestyle.

Jonny Creighton


Jonny joined us 3 years ago from Northern Ireland, having spent 3 years working in the industry back home. He arrived with an open mind; the benefit of proficiency in health and fitness fundamentals; and a beardless baby face.

Since working alongside the Studio41 crew Jonny has really come into his own, and has found his passion(s) to be working with people who are looking for behaviour changes, including, but not limited to; mindset; diet; routine; and growing a great beard.

Having been surrounded by health and fitness his whole life, Jonny understands the balance between ‘work and recovery’ - how everyday life can compound over the years, and so it is vital we take some time to breathe, recover, and improve.

“You’re the best wee PT ever” - Jonny’s mum

​Nikola Szentirmay-Ross


You can usually hear Nikola before you can see her - "Enthusiasm" she calls it. This along with her take-no-prisoners attitude and insatiable hunger for knowledge has helped many of her clients reach their health and fitness goals.

Nikola is a fully qualified nutritionist. It is her area of passion; in particular the application to prevent/improve health conditions. This is where she can provide something completely unique: working with you to achieve a peak state of health (not just a smaller waist).

"If my training style had to be described in two words it would be "tough love". My why is seeing people reach their full potential; you can't beat it."

Alex Smith


Alex has more than 5 years of personal training experience and now specialises in injury rehab, strength coaching and sports specific training. Exercise and sport has always been a part of his life - during his younger years he was a member of the U20 New Zealand football team and participated in the world cup qualifying events.

Alex is well-versed in the science behind and practical application of Olympic lifting, powerlifting, sprinting and jumping, conditioning and almost anything else that goes into building a well rounded athlete (novice or elite).

Haris Butt


Haris takes pride in helping men and women reach their goals and enjoy their time in the gym. “Let’s be honest,” he says, “sometimes exercise can suck. I make it suck less (and even make it fun) while helping you reach your goals.”

Haris is an experienced personal trainer who’s trained Commonwealth athletes, high-level strength athletes, and everyday people move better and feel confident with their bodies. Haris came to Studio41 after teaching and mentoring personal trainers at the Institute of Health and Fitness, where he was nominated for educator of the year. Haris is passionate about all aspects of wellbeing, including mental health. Haris is currently getting educated as a mental health professional.

Haris will bring enthusiasm to the sessions and make sure his clients get the most out of their time in the gym.