Paul Upston before/after

Paul Upston

Although growing up I was a very active person, the transition to a office based role six years ago saw me gain a substantial amount of weight. Before I knew it I was a very large person which was affecting my health and mental wellbeing. At this stage although I knew I wanted to lose weight it became all too hard and I continued with what I had become accustomed to. I decided enough was enough and I sought help from Studio41. The change this has made to my life has been incredible. I've noticed my energy levels have drastically increased and I don't become tired or stressed easily anymore.

With Jeffs team helping with the input to my diet and exercise and I have gained a lot of knowledge which will help me continue to lead a healthy life long into the future. I have found after working with Studio41 there are a lot of fitness & diet myths floating around, having experts by my side setting me straight has been invaluable.

I could not recommend Studio41 highly enough to anyone who is wanting to make a significant positive change to their lifestyle. The self confidence I have regained along with the physical benefits has been great. I could never imagine that I would lose weight this fast however by working with Studio41 this has and continues to be a great and positive experience. This is a true testimonial from a true client - however of course individual results may vary

Matthew Dicken

In August 2023, I started on a journey with Studio41 that would change my life for the better. A few weeks before I had suffered from burnout, a phenomenon known all too well by those in the corporate world such as myself. The burnout was a culmination of consistent long hours, lack of sleep, lack of exercise and extremely unhealthy eating habits. Normally, I am one who loves sport and enjoys cooking, though I was doing neither. Once a high performing athlete, I struggled for years with the transition into full time corporate work, and put work above my own wellbeing. Sometimes it takes hitting rock bottom to change, and that’s exactly what happened.

After speaking to Jeff at Studio41 about the 12-week transformation programme, seeing the facilities and getting more of an understanding of the way in which the team at Studio41 approaches well-being, I knew these were the people that would help me make impactful changes, build healthy habits and get me back to feeling myself again.

On 10 August 2023, I weighed in at 95.7kg. Following the nutrition programme over the following 12 weeks, with two PT sessions a week with Roisin and one cardio session on my own, I finished the programme on 81.8kg. I managed to achieve a whopping 14kg weight loss, with significant muscle gain along the way. Whilst the weight loss is incredible, the greatest change for me is in my energy, and how I feel within and about myself. I am sleeping well, I am cooking and eating healthy again, I know which foods affect my energy, sleep and mood from he 12 Week Transformation Process. I now have more energy in all aspects of my life, including work. Training with Roisin has been a highlight as she took care to understand me and my goals and was instrumental in helping me get to where I am now. Her knowledge and desire to see people succeed always helped push me to be better.

While recovering from burnout is not a short journey, the help from Roisin and the Studio41 team has made it an easier, more enjoyable and fulfilling journey. The incredible support and guidance from my PT Roisin, as well as the ease of the programme and passion the team has, really helped me change my life. Following the completion of the programme, I am continuing to build on the healthy habits they helped me create, and I still train with Roisin twice a week. I will forever be grateful, and highly recommend anyone who wants to make a positive change in their life, to get in touch with Studio41!

Bernadette george before/after

Bernadette George

I've been attending the Bootcamp sessions at Studio41 for just over a year now. I had thought I'd made a huge mistake at first because I found the class very tough and I did not see how someone of my age and level of physical condition would be able to get though a session. So after the first one I went for a full medical check up just in case. A year on, my life has completely changed thanks to the advice and encouragement from Jeff, Marcel and Andrew at Studio41. In October of 2013, Studio41 ran a 9-week challenge so I decided to enter along with a few others that attend Bootcamp. I wasn't going to bother doing the "before" photos but decided to in the end just to see if I could actually make a change. Well, I was quite horrified when I had a look. I could not believe that I had allowed myself to get so badly out of shape as I had always been reasonably fit most of my life. Towards the end of the challenge I really started to notice things happening. The weight was coming down but more importantly my clothes seem to feel more comfortable, if fact way too big. I decided to take some "after" photos and I had to say I was quite pleased with the results so I decided to send them in. I was so delighted to actually win! I can't say it has been easy but the benefits have been enormous. With the nutritional advice I realised I was actually intolerant to some foods so my gut issues have calmed down, I'm sleeping better and have loads more energy. I'm getting around the tennis court so much better and not hobbling off at the end with many aches and pains... dodgy knee, neck, back, shoulder, elbow etc. all of these seem to be so much better. I also started the challenge on my 50th birthday so I've proved to myself and others that it is possible to make a change later in life. And believe me, I was in serious denial about my age. Many people have commented on how different I look. I've gone from a size 12 to size 8. The only bad thing that came out of this was I had to go shopping for new clothes. ;-)
This is a true testimonial from a true client - however of course individual results may vary.
Liz Winfield before/after

Liz Winfield

This year has been a big one for me, first turning 40 and then ending up with pneumonia! As a result, as the end of the year approached I knew I had to make some changes to my habits and lifestyle that led me to be in such bad shape! I chose to do the Studio41 9 week as it arrived at the right time of year and also the right in my life. It has been a lo harder than I thought, the food was extremely hard but I kept focused. I learnt so much about what food dies to my body and I really learnt how to track my weight and what food plays an immediate effect on my weight. So it was hard, but extremely informative and rewarding experience! I feel like I did in my 20s and now have loads more energy, I'm sleeping well and I now understand my food weaknesses! I have lost 7kg and am fitter than I have been for some time. What was interesting was that there was no long distance running. Just short sharp focused workouts . This has motivated me to keep going and not look back! 2015 is going to be a great year thanks to Studio41.

This is a true testimonial from a true client - however of course individual results may vary

Gabe Bell before/after

Gabe Bell

I started my weight loss journey at studio 41 early 2013, I had already begun losing weight but the rate of weight loss had declined significantly while my trainings and diet were failing to help me achieve my goals of not just losing weight. I got in touch around march/april and asked to receive personal training from one of the coaches at Studio41. I had trained there previously and while that didn't work out well for me I knew that with the motivation I could do it this time. I was trained by Marcel a new coach to the gym and with in the first few weeks I knew I had made the right decision, I clicked with Marcel instantly and before I knew it, I was achieving my goals faster than I had ever believed possible. Marcel was never against trying new things and I attempted several different styles of training with different goals on each of them: Strongman, powerlifting and olympic lifting before finally settling on a bodybuilding style of training. I was always able to change my mind on what I wanted to do if I didn't like the results. After a year and a half of training - 51 kilo's of fat dropped. I know that training under Marcel at Studio41 was one of the most invaluable experiences of my life as it undoubtedly change my life for the better.This is a true testimonial from a true client - however of course individual results may vary

Brent Robertson before/after

Brent Robertson

Nutritional ignorance and a lazy lifestyle resulted in years of low self esteem and trying to hide a body that embarrassed me deeply. No matter how hard I tried to convince myself that my situation wasn't that bad, the truth is that I was kidding myself.

I used to dread summer and would often find myself making excuses as to why I couldn't go with my friends to the beach, not to mention a swim. The problem became worse when I began working in an office after graduating uni and packed on the kg's in this new environment. I finally hit the wall where I said that enough was enough.

I was sick of feeling uncomfortable in my own body and decided to give Jeff at Studio41 a call to discuss stating a training programme. My heart was thumping and I was literally shaking with nerves while on the phone as I had no idea what I was getting myself into, or if I could even complete the things a PT would ask me to do.

I was introduced to Andrew and the three of us discussed my goals and how to achieve them. My nerves instantly disappeared and I always felt comfortable from that point on. I started to notice results very quickly after training with Andrew and following his nutrition plan. It wasn't long before other people around me also started to notice my results and the compliments began to flow.

I became hooked as my body fat percentage continued to drop and muscle mass rose. This experience changed from being a solution to my problems right now to being a long term new lifestyle.

My energy levels rose, and as I started to feel comfortable and happy with the results, my self confidence also increased exponentially. There is no doubt in my mind, I could not have done this without the help of Studio41 and I encourage you to give them a call if you are serious about getting into shape, the hardest part is picking up the phone.This is a true testimonial from a true client - however of course individual results may vary

Andrew O'Connell before/after

Andrew O'Connell

Previously I would have had a good level of fitness doing quite a lot of running etc.… but over the past 2 years with the pressure of work and study I simply did not have time for myself. That coupled with working in a sedentary office environment and a slight injury to my left knee, it meant that I ended up in a physical condition that I wasn’t happy with. So rather than simply join a gym, I felt what I required was a total overhaul of everything, such as the way I trained but more importantly my diet. As there is so much non-sense out there with regard to “diet” and what’s good/bad for you, it’s impossible to know what advice to follow. I felt to best thing to do was to sign up with the guys at Studio41 as you not only sign up to a tailored fitness regime but they also provide you with fantastic no non-sense nutritional guidance.

Following my initial consultation with Jeff, I signed up for the 12-week body transformation plan with Phil as my trainer. When he said “Welcome to a new life” he was not joking, after completing the 12 weeks it has quite simply changed my approach/understanding of diet and physical fitness. Phil was fantastic from start to finish and helped me achieve a new and improved level of fitness and wellbeing (I lost 4 kg alone in the first 2 weeks). I couldn’t recommend him enough. In addition, over the course of the 12 weeks I noticed a greater increase in energy levels and that I was sleeping better as the new diet was also having a massive effect on my wellbeing.

I would recommend the guys are Studio41 to anyone who is looking for a change. You will not only achieve your weight loss goal but over the course of the program the knowledge that you obtain of the foods that affect you will help you keep the weight off after it has all finished.

Philipa Bowman before/after

Philipa Bowman

Almost a year ago I made a decision to do something about my weight. I was 113.5kg and I'm pretty sure I was a hair's breath away from type two diabetes. I was faffing around trying to work out what to try this time (yes, not my first attempt), when I saw an advert for a nine week challenge at Studio41. I quickly worked out that wasn't for me, but I called anyway to see what other options were on offer.

Looking back now, I realise how incredibly lucky I was to have stumbled across Graeme and Studio41 like that. I am now 23kg lighter and still losing weight. I am so very much stronger. I have truck loads more energy, my skin is great, I sleep well and eat well and am a lot less moody. Most of all I feel healthy - I no longer feel like I'm just hanging around waiting for the health issues that so often plague 40+ women to hit me.

Graeme has guided me through exercise progammes that have pushed me way past what I previously thought my limits were. He has an amazing ability to get the absolute maximum effort out of me. That combined with his nutrition monitoring and advice has meant I have been able to make the lifestyle changes I need to be a much healthier, stronger person.

I can't thank Graeme and Jeff and the team at Studio41 enough and I thoroughly recommend them to anyone who wants to make positive changes to improve their health".This is a true testimonial from a true client - however of course individual results may vary

Alisa Bottomley before/after

Alisa Bottomley

Wow I never knew that I would ever see my goal weight again of 75K and got there in only five months, I thought this was only in my dreams, thanks so much to Ben he has been a incredible trainer, motivator, mentor, he is full of knowledge with nutrition and training, if it wasn’t for you Ben then I will hate to think what I would look like now, I cannot stop looking in through the windows or mirrors anything that gives of a reflection to see a figure that I am proud of, I walk proud and a with a smile on my face permanently, my family, friends and even my work mates have noticed the difference, I have thrown away a lot of my big clothes to never return to that again, I not only look great, but I feel good too not so tired anymore, I get out of bed easier now (not quite a leap) but near enough to it, I feel healthier not sluggish and heavy any more, I sleep a lot better and no more gut problems. I found out a lot about foods, I had no idea food that I thought was good for you, isn’t, that can make you feel not so great. I was amazed by it all, thanks to Andrew for the consultations into food in more detail, like I said above I had no idea what food did to your body, where sugar was stored etc, I learnt lots.

I highly recommend Studio 41 as your gym as the support you get from the trainers is incredible, you will not get this at any other gym and you will still be there pushing weights on your on with no results and wonder why, these guys push to your limits without going overboard they know your limits at what you are able to do.

Jeff, if Ben ever decides to leave do not let him go he is a asset to Studio 41, you have a excellent gym, I am not surprised that Ben came all the way from the UK to with you and your team, thanks to you Jeff.This is a true testimonial from a true client - however of course individual results may vary

Shane before/after

Shane Brockelbank

Andrew invited me to a trial personal training session. I have been heavily involved in sports and training throughout my life, I thought I was reasonably fit and knew how to train so turned up to the session feeling confident.

Andrew took me to whole new level of training. The intensity of the session is simply not comparable with any other training I've experienced. His ability to get the best out of me with his easy going nature, combined with his substantial knowledge has committed me to ongoing training with Andrew.

The bonus you get in addition to training is the nutritional guidance combined with meal plans, which has produced results for me that I never dreamed possible. This is a true testimonial from a true client - however of course individual results may vary.

Daneille before/after

Danielle Wellwood

had been attending the gym regularly for over a year and eating relatively well so I thought, but was seeing little to no results. I was becoming very disheartened and more and more unhappy with what I saw when I looked in the mirror. I had never done anything like this before so was a bit nervous but thought what have I got to lose! I'm not going to lie it was probably one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life, not only physically but mentally as both the training and nutrition were taken care of. However, seeing the weight drop off kept me so motivated, my clothes felt so much more comfortable and stomach issues I previously had were beginning to disappear.

The nutritional advise you receive during the training is so valuable and I found the workouts fast and fun. I thought it was great they also offered a home workout options , I know myself as a Mother who also works full time it is not always possible to make it to a gym. I could not recommend this highly enough and I would strongly encourage anyone who is thinking about it to give Studio41 a go.

For the first time in my life I feel happy with what I see when I look in the mirror 'mummy tummy" and all! I can't imagine going back to my old way of eating and working out. This is a true testimonial from a true client - however of course individual results may vary

Julie Manu

Julie Manu

In April 2010 (then an unhappy 89kg) I became a lycra girl and started road cycling with a goal to enter the Taupo Cycle Challenge (160km) in November 2010. I regularly rode with a couple of cycle groups to build up the fitness (and dropped a little weight reached 84kg). On the day of Taupo I crossed the finish line after 9hours and 4mins out on the road, and thought “there has got to be a better way”.

I heard about a “Get Fit for Taupo 2011” presentation evening in June 2011 and decided to attend. During Studio41’s presentation I had a light bulb moment of how my weight (then 80.6kg) and fitness could improve. Following that presentation I contacted Jeff and the journey of my transformation began.

Studio41 has always provided sound advice and encouragement during my weight loss mission, along with asking the hard questions when a plateau hit, to help work out what element ie., stress, lack of sleep, sneaky food etc may be creating the effect and then working through ways to change that element.

With the strength training programme, I love it! To begin with it was all about building on my fitness before being introduced to more focussed strength training for my legs (my goal was to get stronger and faster on hill climbs), core, back and some upper body work.

Highlights during training so far have been able to push that beast of a Prowler with 205kgs (I first started with 80kg), and completing the Inquisitor exercise in under the 3min ladies benchmark. More recently it has been achieving squats with 65kgs.

During my journey I have also encouraged four of my friends (2 cyclists, and 2 work colleagues) to visit Studio41, and they too have become Studio41 clients.

By the time Taupo 2011 came around I had met my weight loss goal (70kg with a big drop in % of body fat  also) and I bet the previous years’ time by 2hrs 20mins – crossing the finish line in 6hrs 44mins in very windy conditions.

Following Taupo 2011, I had a few months break from Studio41. I re-connected in April this year with Oli as my trainer. The difference from trying to ‘go it alone’ and working with Oli is immeasurable. My strength and endurance is re-building and developing to higher levels. Oli has the ability to make me dig deep to make that extra rep and to keep the correct technique, while ensuring each change in programme is a whole new challenge that gives me the determination to achieve it. So what’s next for me – well I still feel that I haven’t yet conquered Taupo, so this year I aim to cross the finish line in under 6 hours (for the 160km). The ultimate focus is on building endurance so that for Graperide in March 2013 I will be entering the Magnum (2 laps = 202km), as the lead up to entering the Enduro (2 laps = 320km) for Taupo 2013.

This is a true testimonial from a true client - however of course individual results may vary

Lachlan McKenzie before/after

Lachlan McKenzie

Started on the 7th of March 2012 at 63.8kg and 17.9% bodyfat.

After 14 weeks on the 25th of June was 60.7kg and 12.4% body fat and had gained 1kg of lean muscle on 1 session per week.

I used to be cynical about personal training programmes. Sure, I’d been going to the gym, but there came a point when I wasn’t sure what more I could do. That’s when I decided to try personal training.

Studio 41 really showed me the value of personal training. I now have a better knowledge of exercises and nutrition that will help me develop and work towards my goals. So I feel much better informed about the choices I make around my lifestyle, and it’s great to know that I don’t have to give away those things that I most enjoy. In the few months that I’ve been training, people around me have noticed a significant difference in my shape and strength. But best of all, I can see and feel the difference tool.

At Studio 41, clients are cared for and partnered with trainers best suited to the individual. And you get more than your training session – clients can access the circuit session, too.

For me, personal training has been a very rewarding experience. I’d encourage anyone thinking of giving it a go to get in touch with Studio 41.

This is a true testimonial from a true client - however of course individual results may vary