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Our Approach

Health + Energy + Fitness

At Studio41 we believe good health is about more than just physical fitness. You need combination of exercise, nutrition and health to meet your goals. We offer completely custom guidance, with experts in each aspect of your health, all under one roof.

Our facilities allow you to train in a focused, fully-equipped gym, with a limited number of other people. You can train alone, as a member, or work with your personal trainer in our gym, whether you are a member or not.

Transformation Package

There are 3 phases in both the 9 and 12 week package and 2 in the 6 week package.


Fat Adaption Phase, we reduce refine carbohydrate intake during this phase so you can learn to burn fat as a fuel source. We also have you following a 4 food elimination protocol. Often during this phase blood sugar is controlled and energy is constant throughout the day.


Digestive Health Phase, we use opticleanse during this phase which is a protein powder specifically designed to improve gut function. We also start the reintroduction of foods so we learn which foods are specifically right for you.


Liver Detox Phase, once the gut is healthy liver detoxification can occur optimally. We also work out which carbohydrate frequency is right for you long term.

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