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Membership and Pricing

Studio41 is a Personal Training Studio that also has a small capped membership with no compulsory membership. The advantage of Studio41 is with most gyms you have to be a member to train, not here. You can simply come and see one of our trainers with no extra membership fee or membership contract. Or you can join as a member and see a trainer whenever suits you. 

Option 1 - From 22.95 per week.

Option 1 - Sole Membership

Take your first steps in your body transformation journey with Studio41. Includes 1 free personal training session to get you up and ready so you can come in and get focused. Access to our private facebook page where we give insiders tips and knowledge.  Our education series is also provided through our private facebook page giving you real life advice and knowledge from Jeff Willoughby on Sugar, Stress, Sleep and Improving Tiredness. 

Unlimited Sessions Per Week

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Option 2 - From 50 - 85 per week (based on 1 session per week)

Option 2 - Personal Training only with no added cost of membership. 

Have an intro to strength training to improve fat loss results. You do not have to be a member of our gym to use one of our trainers here at Studio41. You pay for the Personal training time and that is all!
You will never to have worry again about having a fully professional weights program that changes regularly and pushes you for great results, all put together by one of our expert coaches.

We do not sell nutrition separately here at Studio41, we believe training and nutrition are both an integral part of results, so we include it in all Personal Training Options.  Also includes regular measurements.   

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Option 3 - From 72.95 - 107.95 per week (based on 1 session per week)

Option 3 - PT and Membership combined. 

Have an intro to strength training and cardio training, and a full membership for to come whenever you like in and around your scheduled PT sessions for faster fat loss results. Your trainer will set up your cardio training (referred to as energy systems training) which will be fully periodised and your specific and tailored weight training protocol that changes regularly.  We believe here at Studio41 you should never walk into the gym not knowing what to do, some make sure you know what you are doing everyday of the week and we push you in the specific PT sessions. Includes personalised nutrition, regular body composition tests.  

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