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About Jeff Willoughby

MAT Specialised, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, Biosignature Practitioner Level 2, Australasian College of Nutrition and Environmental Medicine, PICP II, CHEK III, Paul ST Johns NMT, ART, LSSM, BPhEd, BCom.

Jeff is a Wellingtonian who began his career in the fitness industry by obtaining a degree in Physical Education from Otago University. Since then he has never looked back, upskilling his knowledge, expanding his qualifications to a broad range that sees him as one of the most qualified fitness professionals in Europe. He combines Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) with his strength qualifications to work with you in the gym and or therapy environment to help you become pain free and stronger in a way that no one else can.

Although Jeff has been a soft tissue therapist for many years, it was really the study of MAT from 2005 that has seen him set himself apart in terms of results and knowledge from other therapists. Jeff become one of only 6 MAT therapists in the UK and now only one in NZ. Jeff studied MAT in Colorado which has seen him spend 3 – 4 days every month in Colorado between 2009 and 2010. Also Jeff is CHEK Level III practitioner. Through this same institute he has also obtained the title of Nutrition and Lifestyle coach which enables him to take a more holistic approach to his exercise techniques.

For over a year before Jeff moved back to Wellington from London, Jeff was the exclusive MAT therapist for the London wasps professional rugby team. Where he regularly treated england international such as Phil Vickory, Tom Reese and Riki Flutey with a few ex hurricanes players in the mix such as Joe Ward.

He has presented at Europe’s biggest fitness convention since 2004, leading him to be a well respected leader in the fitness industry in the UK. He has now presented at the New Zealand fitness convention for the last 3 years. He has studied under the Poliquin institute to level 2. (Poliquin has trained more Olympic athletes than any other trainer in the world). Most of Jeff’s body composition protocols comes from Charles Poliquin or the Irish Strength Institute and these are the catalyst for his no nonsense approach to fat loss and muscle gain and performance. He has also done an internship with strength coach Carlos Santana (Boca Raton, Florida) and studied with Gary Gray who is a world renowned Physical Therapist and in the United States known as the “father of Function”. As a rehab specialist, Jeff believes in combining his soft tissue work on the gym floor, and training with correct biomechanics through activation of weak musculature via his MAT qualification. This type of training has a maximum carry over to his client’s everyday lifestyles allowing many of them to be pain free for the first time and cannot be replicated by anyone else in NZ.

Jeff has designed staff training courses for health clubs involving practical exercise, posture assessments and the art of coaching. These courses are seen in over 100 health clubs in the UK and continues to grow.

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