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Weight Loss Packages

Studio41 offers along side its personal training, transformation packages that are open to anyone who is serious about improving their health and fitness. If you are committed to working hard for your results in a calm, uncrowded luxury environment then Studio41 is the place for you.  

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This is a true testimonial from a true client - however of course individual results may vary

How They Work

 There are 3 phases in both the 9 and 12 week package and 2 in the 6 week package.

Phase 1: Fat Adaption Phase, we reduce refine carbohydrate intake during this phase so you can learn to burn fat as a fuel source. We also have you following a 4 food elimination protocol. Often during this phase blood sugar is controlled and energy is constant throughout the day. 

Phase 2: Digestive Health Phase, we use opticleanse during this phase which is a protein powder specifically designed to improve gut function. We also start the reintroduction of foods so we learn which foods are specifically right for you. 

Phase 3: Liver Detox Phase, once the gut is healthy liver detoxification can occur optimally. We also work out which carbohydrate frequency is right for you long term. 

Nick Lost 17 kg During His 12 Week Package


This is a true testimonial from a true client - however of course individual results may vary

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Customise Your PT

Quite often after a package is completed people want to stay on with personal training or even to start they are not up to the intensity the 6, 9 or 12 week package offers. We of course will still work with you in a goal orientated way over a set amount of weeks that suit you. Customise either the amount of weeks and and the amount of personal training sessions you get each week. We have had great results with people who see us only for 1 session per week. 

What you get when you customise your PT. 

A set amount of PT sessions per week that you agree to.
The nutritional guidelines that all people doing packages are put through.
Fat analysis on week 1. 
Before and After Photos. 
Weekly Homework and Reading. 
Our very own cookbook

Access to the Gut Busting Sat Morning Circuit or The Meltdown Circuit on Fri Night for an additional fee. 

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