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One to One

At studio 41 we pride ourselves on our personal training.

Studio 41 is a personal training studio located in the heart of the Wellington CBD, and so the One to One is where we really set ourselves a part. Everyone is trained with their goal in mind, pushing ever closer with each exercise to achieving what they thought was impossible. We track every exercise, every rep and follow a strict periodisation plan to make sure you are achieving your health and fitness dreams. We monitor you via the biosignature so we can start to understand you. Using personal training via Studio41 is truely unique because there are no other public members working out, no clogging of machines, no waiting times, everybody who is at the club is also working with a trainer, so we can make sure equipment is free and your rest times are kept to a minimum which is the key to getting results. Working hard and getting results - quite simply no one else can do what we do. 

Where we live

Prudential Building
332 Lambton Quay
P 04 499 8516