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Injury Treatment

Jeff is the first MAT (Muscle Activation Techniques Therapist) in New Zealand. After becoming only 1 of 6 MAT therapist in the UK, Jeff has returned to NZ with the most advanced thought process and biomechanical assessment and treatment out there in helping people to truly get to the cause of their pain. MAT treats anyone in pain from long term back pain to knee, foot pain and shoulder pain. It truly is unique in its approach and has helped Jeff achieve results far beyond when he was a qualified NMT and massage therapist. 

Muscle Activation Techniques

MAT is the premise that when the body is unstable musculature will tighten to restore stability. Over time, these compensation patterns can create altered alignment in the joints, leading to joint instability and abnormal wear on the joint surfaces and pain. The MAT system seeks to locate and resolve the true cause of muscle tightness and pain, creating a healthy functioning muscular system.

Pricing is $150 per session. 
Block of 5 session is $135 per session. 
Block of 10 sessions is $120 per session. 
The first session is always 1 hour in length. After that we may move to 45 min sessions is needed. 

45 mins are $120
1/2 hour sessions are also available at $75.  

MAT Testimonials

"I have seen Jeff as part of the professional medical team here at London Wasps Rugby Club. As a professional rugby player I value Jeffs skills as an MAT therapist as they are truly unique and his analytical skills of assessing biomechanical problems truly sets him apart from other therapists. Everytime he treats me, my range of motion is greatly increased and pain goes away and kicking a ball feels so different" 

Dave Walder. Wasps 1st Team player 2006 - 2011

"After the long trip to New Zealand from the US I was excited to work with Jeff, he came highly recommended from another MAT therapist who I have worked with in London. Sitting on a plane for 12 hours is never fun, but after the flight I had a lot of trouble rotating to my left. Jeff was able to help me regain my rotation Aucklands World Cup. I have worked with many MAT therapists and Jeff was amazing to work with and very knowledgeable. I finished 5th and my body felt great".

Jarrod Shoemaker, US Olympic Triathlete.

Listen to Greg Roskopf, The Founder of M.A.T Talk About M.A.T


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