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  • I want to do as little exercise as possible!

    13 February, 2018

    This seems a weird comment coming from someones who makes his living from the Fitness Industry. However please understand what the point of getting up in the early hours too run outside in the Wellington southerly, is to be able to apply a stress on the body so it recovers to be fitter/leaner/faster etc. To me, exercising is about the outcome, not the process. If I was doing 10 hours of exercise per week and I wasnt getting a result, I would really question if I was doing the right thing. Or better yet, if I was to get the same fitness and stay at the same weight by doing only 5 hours, what was the point of doing the additional 5? You simply have taken out 5 hours off potential recovery (and we all need to sleep more).

    For us at Studio41, exercise is about the outcome. Not just plying more and more exercise onto someone. It sounds very simply, we measure, try something, measure again, learn and go again. If someone is moving toward their goal on 4 hours of exercise per week, 5 may not get them there faster.

    So many people do not get results from exercise, so the only answer for them is to do more. For us it is about looking at your ability to recover from the exercise we give. If you are not sleeping for example, this is the first thing that has to be looked at, not doing more exercise (which will only make the situation worse).

    I see so many people going into a gym and really not utilising their time well (their social media accounts get well read or updated though). We at Studio41 really want you to do as little as possible and get the biggest result. So training hard is one thing, but how we train smart takes Studio41 to a whole new level.


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  • Goal Setting in The New Year

    15 January, 2018

    People set out to achieve goals for one of two reasons, they see it as moving themselves towards something they desire (I want to earn more money), or they see it moving away from something they no longer want (I want to get fit as I hate feeling tired and sluggish). You are embarking on this 12 week behaviour change program either because you want to achieve something or are sick of living in a state of fitness and health that you are not happy with – either way your motivation can be traced to either pleasure or pain.

    The first level of goal setting is understanding the bigger picture. I call it the VISION. This is your long term goal, the thing that will drive all other behaviours. This is the thing that you have to decide first. What is it that you want after 12 weeks. Do not concentrate on what you don’t want (I want to lose that 5 pounds, I don’t want to be out of breath, I don’t want to have this fat etc.). Focus on what you do want – I want to be 60 kg, I want to be able to run and feel breathless, I want to be 18% body-fat). Then make it quantifiable. Making a goal of “I want to feel fitter” is not specific enough. People dislike making goals specific due to the fact that they increase their potential risk of failure. However if you live your life trying to avoid failure you might also find yourself avoiding success as a by product. So…..get that vision specific and within a time frame (in this case 12 weeks) and write it down – writing anything down makes it more serious.

    “By Aug the 13th I will be 53kg and able to run 10km in under 50 mins”

    …..concentrate on it, see it, in-vision it. How do you look, feel, act when you have achieved it. Once you have got this, ask yourself why you want it. And whatever your answer is, ask yourself why you want that? Do this at least 3 – 4 times. You are discovering your “values”, what really drives you to do the things you do. Often people do not just want to lose weight. But want the things that losing the weight will give them (self esteem, increased confidence etc.). Identifying these core drivers or “values” is what will keep you going when things get difficult. Understand your vision, and why you are truly trying to achieve that vision, are your strongest allies in moving forward and achieving great success.

    Once you have this Vision in your mind – concentrate on your first OUTCOME.

    Outcomes are things you have to achieve on the way to achieving your vision. You can think of it as breaking the vision down into smaller chunks. Often thinking of something 12 weeks away is too far, think about what you need to achieve in 3 or 4 weeks is easier to concentrate on. If you want to lose 6 kg in your 12 week program, then it would make sense that after 4 week you have lost 2 kg. This would be your first “outcome”. If you do not achieve this first outcome you have a choice

    Change the goal to what you now know is more realistic
    Change your weekly commitment to achieving the goal

    Once you break your vision down into outcomes, you only need to concentrate on your first outcome. You have to ask yourself what you have to do this week to achieve your first outcome. These are called your WEEKLY ACTIONS. Concentrate on just achieving your weekly actions should lead to achieving your first outcome. Then this will put you on track to achieving your vision. By doing the small things you will achieve the large things. One final point to remember – even though you are concentrating on achieving your weekly actions, keep in mind both your Outcomes and most importantly your Vision. Your Vision is the ‘why’ behind what you are doing and is what ultimately drives you, and gives you the reason for working so hard on your weekly actions.

    So the essence of goal setting is to put in your mind exactly what you want to have, break it down into workable chunks and then go out and start achieving. One important principle to understand is the concept of NO FAILURE ONLY FEEDBACK. To understand this is to understand that you cannot fail at anything. Workout a goal, put your outcomes in-place and work on your weekly actions. If you do not achieve your weekly actions and therefore do not reach your first outcome, a lot of people give up at this point believing that they have failed. Just take this as feedback, remember when this happens you have 2 choices,

    Change the goal to what you now know is more realistic
    Change your weekly commitment to achieving the goal

    So….change something and go again, and again, and again until you finally experience success. People put a lot of pressure on themselves to get it right the first time. This is unrealistic if you are doing something without ever having done it before. True failure is giving up in pursuit of your goal.

    So good-luck, set your goal and don’t look back until you have achieved it.

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  • But I Am Relaxed

    16 November, 2017

    I hear this all the time from clients – “I am not stressed” yet they seem to be suffering the symptoms of metabolic syndrome, increased abdominal fat, elevated heart rate and blood pressure.

    Stress is a very complex topic that we at Studio41 have learned to respect and after years of studying it are still learning. However here are the take homes.

    Your body has one stress response, so if you are psychologically stressed or you are running along the side of the beach thinking happy thoughts – either way YOU ARE STRESSED. Exercise is a stress!! When you exercise, you put yourself into a stressed state so that you can benefit form the recovery (hopefully by having good sleep). But at the time of running: Your heart rate is elevated. Your digestion is being impaired so you can prioritise blood flow. Your blood pressure will go up so you can pump blood faster.

    This is the very definition of a stress response. So when our corporate clients come to see us, often lacking sleep, (this is the fastest way to put your body into a stress response – 3 nights of lack of sleep and you will have an elevated heart rate) we have to be very careful of how hard we push them. Because most people associate stress with psychological stress they believe that they are not stressed. However our personal trainers here at Studio41 have learned that there are many forms of stress.

    Because their are more cortisol receptors on the stomach than anywhere else, often putting weight on the mid section can be a sign of chronic stress. So helping these clients to lose weight isn’t just about exercise. Exercise is a piece of the puzzle but so is sleep, hormonal imbalances, gastro intestinal stress (leaky gut) and inflammation. It is only when we take all these things into account do we get the results we are famous for here at Studio41.

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  • What Is Our Real Purpose Here?

    2 October, 2017

    When you sit down with someone initially to discover what it is that they want, the conversation does not tend towards being able to “Squat More”, “Lift Heavier Dumbbells”. The conversation normally takes an outcome focused tone to what the person wants to gain from being a member at Studio41. They talk about the energy that they want back, the freedom to be able to play with their kids without pulling something, and in essence they want “themselves” back. If we really were able to pull back some layers, we would truly find out that for a lot of people it is about getting some confidence or self esteem back that has often been lost under kids/bills/work and life. Although busy they still have that internal picture that has been stored away of a more youthful version than the one that currently greets them in the mirror each morning.

    It is important for us as Studio41 personal trainers is to understand that the interaction we have with someone (which can be as little as one session per week) is about gaining these things. So easy is it for us to concentrate on the session. You turn up – we push you – you sweat – High five, job done. For us this isn’t the job done!!

    The short term endorphins released from exercise should not be underestimated, but we have to understand that we are helping someone move toward THIER goals and therefore it is about the outcome of the Studio41 experience, not the actual training session itself.

    If we were to train someone and they didn’t change body shape, lose weight or gain energy I would question whether we have done our job, even though we have given them plenty of sweaty sessions.

    This is why we concentrate so much on the holistic nature of the person. We work on achieving the result and often it is not just a lack of exercise, but also the inability to sleep, poor nutrition that we have to concentrate on. When we do this our results speak for them selves. We collaborate and help you create a plan for everyday and not just the ones we see you for, every client goes through a full nutrition protocol with every one of our trainers and we have great results on getting people sleeping again effectively, after all it is not about the session – it is about the results.

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  • Genetics Is Not A Qualification

    13 April, 2017

    Maybe this is a rant about the fitness industry, or a rant about the lack of knowledge a customer has when choosing a right fitness professional for them. Either way it doesn’t really matter, something has to be said about the obvious trend in the fitness market  (and probably happens in any industry), people who are skinny genetically, have always been skinny are perceived as experts. As soon as this person does a squat it becomes the new squat to do. We see there current exercise programme and think – well it obviously works for you so it must be great. News flash: it hasn’t worked for them. Infact the skinny 20yr olds who are able to open a social media account and start posting about there fabulous exercise routine, would stay skinny even if sitting on a couch watching another episode of “The Real House Wifes” eating something that would vaguely be seen as healthy.

    As I am writing this a well know magazine is sitting next to me on my desk and one of the cover stories is “From TV presenter to Yoga Guru”.  Is she considered a Yoga Guru because she has done the hours and hours (and years) to study yoga, or simply because an attractive person who had a media profile starting teaching yoga classes? The irony is she would probably make more money as a yoga teacher than someone who was actually a yoga guru – because she has always been attractive she therefore becomes good at helping people do yoga.

    Genetics is what allows these young people to be skinny: IT IS NOT THE EXERCISES ROUTINE THEY ARE CURRENTLY SHOWING YOU.

    Show me a mother who has had kids, a body that tends to put on weight easily so she has to really work out what foods suits her, a busy lifestyle and then a kick arse qualification to boot – that is someone who I want to learn from and who we should be putting up on a social media pedestal – they would be a  professional worth listening to (news flash – she probably won’t have time for selfies for her facebook page as she is too busy actually doing things).

    Half of my Facebook feeds are filled with these types of pictures, young people who are trying to run a social media account, and so they will always have to come up with the new and interesting thing to keep interest high in their followers. But by coming up with the new exercise, you are diluting what really works. Hard work!!! Anyone who is really getting in shape is putting a bar on their back and probably squatting, probably deadlifting and pressing and pulling. But the problem is this is not sexy (I guess I could have an attractive 20yr old doing these exercises to enhance likes), no squat with side kick, triceps kickback, wide stance squat (to really hit the gluts:)) is going to work.

    If I was going to come up with a cool quote about now it would be

    Stop eating shit and train hard!!

    But my training programmes are going to be ones that have worked time and time again, not ones that I am going to make up and show you to keep you entertained (but still overweight). Also becareful of the people who are really good at social media and attractive, I understand there is a wanting to be like these people – they are the probably not the ones to get you there.




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  • Not So Easy After all

    23 February, 2017

    The new year is always a time at Studio41 where we see many people starting new exercise regimes.  Our personal trainers work with their clients to find out what drives them into making this decision?

    We hear many different reasons but most commonly, our clients have an internal battle going on something like this:

    “I am not happy with the health and fitness decisions I am making on a weekly basis (and of course not happy with the outcome) so I am going to do things a little differently. Eat differently and start exercising – “be who I feel I want to be”.

    It sounds easy right? Surely making a few changes to the diet and going to the gym 3 times a week can’t be that hard. Then why do most people fail?

    First of all 3 hours is not really 3 hours. You have to get some clothes out the night before so you can take your gym gear to work with you. This requires that you are thinking about the gym well before actually being there. There is the walk to the gym, showering after and walking back. 3 hours quickly correlates to close to 5 hours each week. Here is the catch though: you aren’t currently lying down simply doing nothing for 5 hours. You were are something, so you have to be prepared to stop doing something in order to prioritise going to the gym. 

    So now we are talking about rearranging your values so you can prioritise the gym, which might not be your favourite thing to do, over your current  actions and pastimes, all so you can find these 5 hours per week. This maybe a lunch with friends that you will no longer attend or maybe after work drinks that you will ostracise yourself from by basically stating to the group:

    “I want to prioritise something else rather than hang out with you guys”

    If you ask someone like myself or any of our personal trainers who have incorporated health, fitness and nutrition into our normal routine for a number of years to start a new weekly habit that we didn’t like doing, cost us money and that we were not very good at, I don’t think we would last that long either!

    Our personal trainers at Studio41 see people come to value conflict – they really want to have the benefits of nutrition and exercise, but at a deeper level they are not really prepared to change their values enough to prioritise those things over the things they enjoy – essentially they want one thing but do another.

    There is also a peer pressure that is unseen but constant. By going to the gym, you are announcing that you want to go to the gym.  You are saying that you would like to change your current situation so you start to have the health benefits of making different decisions. The problem is that your peers who don’t exercise rely on the belief system that “I don’t have enough time”, “I don’t have the energy”, “exercise is too hard” etc to justify their lack of effort. If you are successful, this really breaks their belief system. So they actually want you to fail so they can internally say “I knew it would be too hard”. 

    There are so many things going against you being successful at attaining that 3 times a week gym goal.  It can be done, but if anyone tells you it’s easy, I would be sceptical.  I fully respect anyone who can change their values enough to prioritise exercise and nutrition for the long term. It is an incredibly hard thing to do.

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  • Value Your Time…

    2 August, 2016

    05122014_ 109

    Being a fitness professional can be a rewarding line of work, we often help people achieve their results right? People come to us and give us their dedication, effort and most of all time. It is this that trainers have to respect the most. If people are going to give up their time (and spend money) surely we should be maximising their return on this investment? What I see in most main line gyms is trainers becoming exercise companions. People talking to you while you do a bit of this and a bit of that. These are trainers who are not measuring their progress (how can you run a business without measuring), they are simply turning up and taking people through a workout that may or may not even be written down.

    Surely if you are going to give up your time you want to maximise the return on that time? Whether that be working out by your self or with a trainer, there is no point giving up time if you don’t get a result.

    And please don’t be one of those people who stay with their trainer because they have become a friend!! You are paying this person for a service, if you want a chat take them out for a coffee. But don’t let them take money off you while you turn up once again for them to talk to you about their weekend.

    I started this off by saying: “Being a fitness professional can be a rewarding line of work, we often help people achieve their results right?”. Actually it can also be incredibly frustrating as nothing is worse when you do your measurements (whatever they maybe) and nothing has changed. That is a hard situation for anyone in business to face, so what do most trainers I see do……stop measuring. Just rely on your charm and banter to keep clients coming back: not the greatest of business models!!!

    When a client is stuck at Studio41, i.e not moving forward towards their goals, that creates a huge level of frustration, and that is the brilliance – let me explain. That frustration drives us to learn more, study harder and solve those problems. If it wasn’t for those frustrations, we couldn’t learn and wouldn’t grow. So we don’t fear not getting results, we actually thrive of it as it makes us better. We are now helping a lot more people with protocols involving exercise, nutrition and supplementation that we could not have helped 5 years ago – Thats Awesome. And compared to when I started 16 yrs ago – I don’t want to even think about it.

    With the average length of a personal trainers career in this country being only 5 months (no I did not misspell that) how can trainers become good? They don’t, they chat, get no results and then move on, and people pay for this!!!

    Please value your time more and make sure your trainer like any business has targets that you both are working towards, measuring your progress along the way and if you are not getting results, at least try something different; your time is too valuable to waste.







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  • I Only Need 5 Hours A Night: Yeah Right

    30 May, 2016

    I have had many clients on initial consults say to me “I am one of those people who only need 5 hours of sleep a night”. These people don’t rely on coffee, are not tired, they honestly have limited sleep but still seem to be fine and can power through a busy work schedule. Infact they can get more done because that literally have more hours in the day.

    Let me make this as clear and as simple as I can: YOU NEED MORE THAN 5 HOURS A NIGHT: just because you are not showing any negative health symptoms does not mean you are healthy.

    Understanding Cortisol can explain why someone can be performing quite well on limited sleep and still be seemingly ok.

    Cortisol is a stress hormone that is released by the adrenal glands under the presence of an internal or external perceived stress. Cortisol gets a pretty bad rap but really cortisol is awesome. It is what wakes you up in the morning (try getting out of bed in the morning with low cortisol!!) and is what helps you power through the day. Cortisol is a natural anti-inflammatory so it stops you from getting sick, infact cortisol allows you drive your life in a faster gear than normal – awesome right?

    Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 09.41.25

    The above graph is a simply reflection that daily cortisol can be elevated or depressed. Green would be a normal total daily amount (more in the morning and fading off at night) and the yellow is representing that you can have elevated daily cortisol. A analogy that I often use is: if you drive your car fast once in a while then that is no problem, you will also slow down and drive at normal speeds. Infact maybe you had to drive your car fast to get out of a tricky situation and that extra speed really helped. The problem comes when you try to drive with your foot continually on the accelerator. Just because the car hasn’t slowed down yet, doesn’t mean the engine is healthy, the deterioration and eventual damage is being done. Eventually your car will slow down even though your foot is still hard to the floor – this is where the problem is.

    “Negative stress is any influence, internal or external, that causes or leads to malfunction”  

    Reed Davis: FDN Founder

    The above quote is hugely relevant as psychological stress is only one element of stress. The sleep conundrum is this – if you don’t sleep your body is stressed (take your heart rate after 3 nights of lack of sleep – it is elevated, hence it is preparing for flight or fight), and if you become stressed you won’t be able to sleep as well and the downward spiral continues.

    Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 21.14.32

    So what the hell is the big deal? So you lack some sleep and become stressed – So what?

    Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 11.28.57

     Sleep is when the body does several important things. One thing is detoxification. When you are not sleeping you are not detoxifying, this is one reason why a lack of sleep has been linked to cancer by the World Health Organisation. When you are in a state of stress, your digestion is impaired. Through your digestive system you have the ability to absorbs nutrients – so a poor digestion can be linked to tiredness due to the inability to absorb nutrients. B Vitamins are made from bacteria in your digestive system, so a poor digestive system will be linked to low B Vitamins. B Vitamins are linked to your ability to detoxify and energy productions within a cell (low B vitamins – low energy). Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that is linked to your ability to happy thoughts. A lack of sleep has also been linked to insulin resistance.

    So….yes you need more than 5 hours of sleep over night. Due to your ability to adapt via cortisol, you maybe feeling pretty good even after months and months of lack of sleep. But the crash is coming – just like keeping your foot on the accelerator of a fast car – you will eventually hit a brick wall. That crash maybe in developing depression, diabetes or even cancer. What time are you going to go to bed tonight?

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  • How Do You Deal With High Blood Pressure? Take Medication Of Course

    13 April, 2016


    At Studio41 we take great pride in understanding our role as fitness professionals – that is to help people achieve a result. Not to train people endlessly thinking exercise is the only path necessarily for optimal health, but understanding the person holistically enough to know that we have to get someone healthy often before we can get a result (often people want the opposite – to get a result so they can become healthy).

    We often look at the medications people are on as they have a dramatic effect on our results. For example a female being on the contraceptive pill drives them towards a CoQ10 deficiency. CoQ10 is needed at the cellular level for energy. So if someone comes to us with low energy, we need to understand all the things that that person is doing and taking that could be causing this state. Simply to do more exercise will often yield very limited results (and quite often the opposite).

    One medication that is abundant is blood pressure medications. Professional doctors seem very comfortable to use these as a first go to. However is high blood pressure the problem? Maybe the question has to be asked “why is the body (which is a very smart thing) ramping up blood pressure? If we deal with the cause of the problem, maybe we would never have to have the person on blood pressure mediation at all?

    Often blood pressure is raised by the body as a result of being in a stressed state (sympathetic state). Obviously a short time can be beneficial. Higher blood pressure means you can pump blood faster, then you can run faster. However being in a stressed state for a long time can have devastating long term effects.

    Source: Bryan Walsh, Fat Is Not Your Fault Video Series

    We as health and fitness professionals are very lucky in the fact that people come to us are willing to work on their health. No one would respect a doctor if they said, “come back and see me weekly and we can take these lifestyle steps towards reducing your blood pressure”. The system has been set up so we want the magic pill, as if chronic elevated blood pressure is a stand alone issue and not simply one of the many actions the body has taken as a result of being in a prolonged stressed state.

    Here is a what one of our members has emailed us

    I had very good news this morning, my GP is so pleased with my progress that he has now taken me off all my medication. This is truly remarkable. For the last 4 years I have been on a daily statin for my cholesterol and 3 different daily  medications for my high blood pressure. My blood tests indicated that my cholesterol is still in a very good place despite being off the statin for 3 months and my blood pressure has remained in a very stable level despite going on to  reduced medication last quarter. The GP feels very confident that I can come off the remaining medication and just continue to monitor my BP through Studio 41. I am really ecstatic. In 2010 I was told that I would be on HBP medication for the rest of my life, with all the negative side-effects that the medication brings. I never imagined I would ever come off it at my age (51 on Friday). I cannot thank you both enough for everything you have helped me to achieve! Onwards and upwards.

    Testimonial: Graeme Lawrie

    At Studio41 our personal trainers will look at levels of stress through digestion (yes food can cause stress), sleep as we know when blood pressure is elevated our results will be limited – but understand that elevated blood pressure is not the problem.

    Also worth noting is the nutrient deciencies caused by blood pressure medications.

    CoQ10, Vit B6, Zinc and Vit B1.

    Source: Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletion Handbook, 2nd Edition. 

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  • The Big Fat Belly

    24 February, 2016

    It is all about calories right? Surely if you don’t overeat you can’t put on weight? If you grossly undereat for some time, you might find that you are putting on weight in one specific spot more than others – that is the belly.

    I have done many consults where a busy executive male or female works hard, putting in 80 hour weeks with a lot of stress in their job. but simply forget to eat. These people often weigh in excess of 100kg (both male and female). There normal eating day goes something like this

    Breakfast: Coffee (they don’t eat because they are not hungry)

    Mid morning-  Coffee

    Lunch – 6 slices of sushi

    Mid afternoon – Coffee

    Dinner – Something quick and easy containing refined carbohydrates and also protein and good old vege.

    I am not going to even bother waisting my time and adding up the calories – they are grossly under-eating, yet they can power through a day and are not hungry – How can this be?

    These people all have mid section body fat as well – otherwise known as metabolic syndrome which is something we should be looking to avoid.

    “just a slight increase in waist circumference… linked with increased risk of developing diabetes, metabolic imbalances, and elevated cardiovascular risk later in life”

    Mike Mutzel MSC, Belly Fat Effect.

    The simple  answer is your ability to adapt – lets make this point very clear – if your brain doesn’t have enough glucose you will die!! So when someone does not eat (which is one of the more internal stressful events that the body can go through) your body will adapt. It adapts by releasing your stress hormone cortisol to raise blood sugar. So you will be raising your blood sugar whether you like it or not, through either eating or the release of cortisol. The problem of relying on cortisol is that you are always living in a stressful state, this adapting to living in a stressful state has its consequences

    “Such a shift in the nervous system signaling drives the adrenals to release more stress hormones, which increases blood sugar, constricts blood vessels, raises blood pressure and speeds heart rate. The shift also reallocates nutrients and blood to the lungs, heart and muscle tissue, and brain. Digestion, muscle building, production of growth and sex hormones come to a screeching halt”

    Mike Mutzel MSC, Belly Fat Effect.

    Note that digestion slows down in the presence of stress. And after time you will be increasing your odds of having an unhealthy gut. When your gut is unhealthy and unable to absorb what it should and keep out what it should – this will set off an immune response which leads to more stress – which leads to belly fat.

    “imbalances in intestinal bacteria, along with stress, medications, alcohol, and processed foods, increase gut permeability (leaky gut), allowing immunologically stimulating particles such as endotoxins to be absorbed. These inflammatory molecules stimulate components of the immune system…..many studies have found leaky gut to coexist alongside obesity and metabolic syndrome”. 

    Mike Mutzel MSC, Belly Fat Effect.

    So it is not about calories – leave this thought process behind. Look at balancing blood sugar through eating  regularly and enough not to have the body go into panic mode. And make sure you eat breakfast, not cereal to set off high and low blood sugar for the day, but a good protein and vegetable breakfast (yes I said vegetables for breakfast).

    Remember too much food is not good – but not enough can also be just as bad!!!!




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